Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ynneads children

The first post... what should I write.. ?

This blog will be mostly about my warhammer 40k eldar army.
I work slow, but got some nice ideas and plan to create an not so original army.
I am not going for ONE craftworld or one theme! I like a lot of ideas with the eldar fluff, so I thought of combining all what Eldar have to offer.
Initially it was ment to be an Ulthwe army, but it will be a mix of some eldar forces... that form an allied strike force led mainly by ELDRAD... a lot of my units are older models, repaired models or converted from various bits and greenstuff - I like to use old fluffy models that maybe fought thousands of battles :)
I am remaking some old designs to fit new models :D like the famous old mask from the jetbike (vintage) But I will show everything when the right time will come :)

So mainly I plan to make:

1. Ulthwe - section
2. Harlequin section
3. Exodite section
4. The Saim-Hann'like corsairs
5. Aspect Shrines - they simply must be in a eldar army
6. The power of Bonesingers (Wraith)

The colors that connect all the different parts of my army are black and blue...

I try to make my figs look a little bit dark and dirty for an eldar of course ...
Too shiny eldar are a little bit to soft for me after all they were close to vanishing.
Besides I prefer to start with chaos black and go from black to white.

So I hope you have a nice time here.
Lyashk the Bonesinger...