Sunday, 6 February 2011

Space Corals - base decoration

This will be my first tutorial, about some cheap,
easy and quite nice looking
base decoration.

Ok back to the topic. Often we see a lot of warhammer 40k bases with bushes, grass, plants that normally would grow on terra ;) but what if the flora on other planets would be a lot different from the one we know. A simple Idea I had... Space Corals :)
Space Corals is something similar looking to underwater corals but they grow on some deserted moons. How can we make good size space corals. There is really nothing simpler than that. First of all we need:

1. Scissors
2. Foam - and by foam I mean a specific type of foam, that is quite hard, and has a large "grain" structure - It is hard for me to explain. I figured out to show you a picture of something similar:

 Now if you look close - you will see that cutting small parts of the foam will create a coral - like structure... And of course the color is up to you, but in my opinion blue is perfect for a space coral - btw. it fits my color scheme. If you wan't to see the used space corals watch my blog entries :) I put some on the bases of my eldar.

A little hint: If you are looking for the right foam - try to search out foams for filters.

And here is the result on my WIP Banshees:


  1. Thanks, Ricalope... The thing is that many players paint the bases green and add plain grass to them - this may fit into WHFB - but somehow does not fit into WH40k - space world ;) - most battles are fought on burned through constant war grounds or desert planets - that is my opinion... Even the plants should be different.