Friday, 4 February 2011

The Idea of my Eldar force...

In my first post I explained how I would like to see the army.
As a bundle of various, different Eldar forces gathering together to fight for survival of their race...

I have some Ideas how to improve that idea...

Todays subject:

I. Part One: Harlequin "division"
1. Harlequins - My natural choice are troupes with the standard options...
2. Dark Reapers Acting as Death Jesters :)
3. Wraithlord acting as Manekin / Marionette ... :) (That is not my idea, but making 3 different original wraithlords in one army seems cool to me Just think of the look of harlequin-wraithlord the laughing god mask from the vintage jetbike. You speak it.. it is beautiful.
4. Storm Guardians can be nice harlequin wannabies :) even a warlock could act as a Mystseer (the conceal power is a good lesser veil of tears and the enhance makes them better in HtH - Halucinogen Gas ;D) The warlock has an inv save... so it fits aswell... - but it is just a thought.
5. I thought also of having a solitaire autarch - but lets face it an autarch without the jetbike is simply not as good as he seems. He does not fit entirely into the role - He does not heave rending attacks, no furious charge, actually the autarch sucks when on foot. Easy to instant kill for a great overall skilled eldar commander he has a poor suvirvabilty.
Maybe as solitare on jetbike with the lance - this could be a nice idea... and again a cool mask on the jetbike... a bad looking one, a solitare plays slaneesh.
6. I could Include a falcon as Venom transport... for the troops but that is just an Idea. A Dark eldar vehicle would be better for this... But I am not into dark eldar. They are the weak ones.. falling for chaos...

So what do you think of such an army part?

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