Monday, 7 February 2011

Army Case ready

Yesterday I finally managed to make an army case :) - it is almost finished...
I had some crazy ideas on how to make it - maybe one day I will go for one of those crazy ones. But finally I decided to do it the traditional way. (well - almost).
I need some spare time to make pictures and place a new tutorial...

So guess what - it works well. It can fit about 150 models, it's quite big, (I can stack 3 cases on a standard shelf)
but it is quite comfortable, and the models should be safe
I need another one, for the vehicles - but I must assemble them first...
I got the materials.
2 trays for standard size troops 1 tray for troops with pole-weapons. and jetbikes (this one is still under development) - I actually have an enormous foam sheet ;) so If some of the foam-trays are not ok - I can make new ones.

The holes in the foam are round (to fit 40k models better), and the sticking out (weapons and stuff) parts are handeled by a special marked cut - this also prevents models from moving :) The pain in the butt became a blessing. And the cost of my case: 13 EUROS :) - Compare to: the commercial 64 EUROS cases... So I can have 4-5 in the price of one - And really If I take different sizes of cases I can get even better results. I can fit 100 models per tray - so 300 models case is a piece of cake... to better handling I can cut the big trays into separate ones.


  1. You have sparked my curiosity so now I must curse you for no images :P

    I use all kinds of stuff to store my models as I have a hard time dropping cash for a real case. Would love to see what you came up with.

  2. Because you are the first one to comment ;D I will place a the tutorial before the other ones I have planned. And try to explain how to make the case.
    I hope I can get the pictures and the exact material list. In my opinion the idea might be even better than the expensive army cases you can get... I have not much time to do that. But I should be able to do that this week. So stay sharp :)